About us

In the modern world, energy efficiency, environment protection and recycling problems increasingly make us think about the effective use of various waste products of the mining and metallurgical industries.

Most of these raw materials are fine-grain loose compounds. These can be coal slurries and coke dust, rolling scale, blast-furnace and converter sludge, gas and waste water purification products. All these products are valuable process raw materials widely used in blast-furnace, steel and ferro-alloy production. Some materials can be used as fuel and mineral or organic fertilizers. Areas of application as well as the range of materials are quite wide.

However, these materials cannot be effectively used in their initial loose form. Raw bulk materials must be formed into briquettes which can be used in subsequent production cycles.

Today, Komkor PKP LLC is a modern machine-building enterprise specialized in the development of technology and production of Komkor PRESS roller presses for briquetting of products of mining/refining, metallurgical and chemical industries (including production of mineral fertilizers).

Due to the use of unique briquetting technologies based on experiments of compacting of more than 100 blends with a wide range of chemical composition and physical and mechanical properties, we have become the leading enterprise in the production of roller presses in the countries of Eastern Europe and the CIS.
Komkor’s philosophy is focused on our customers, our employees, product quality and sustainable development of the company.

Our main objective is to manufacture equipment and provide services perfectly meeting our customers’ requirements. To achieve this objective, we are striving for continuous improvement of quality and increasing the competitiveness of our equipment.

We offer a full range of services to our customers: from laboratory testing of samples of raw materials and development of briquetting technology to the design and manufacturing of roller presses with the required characteristics and subsequent introduction into production lines

Briquetting with the use of roller presses manufactured by Komkor Press allows for compacting of the material into briquettes of the required size and with the required productivity. Design of our presses and mechanisms is extremely flexible and easily adaptable to special requirements of our customers. The unique shape of our rolls has a number of competitive advantages, which makes it possible to obtain a much denser briquette.

Our presses’ capacity allows for briquetting of materials with an output of 1 to 50 tons per hour.

In our cooperation, we guarantee the perfect briquetting of your material.

Team «Komkor PRESS»