Briquetting technology

Komkor PKP together with Ferrous Metallurgy Institute n.a. Z.I. Nekrasov, the leading Ukrainian scientific research center of ferrous metallurgy, develops briquetting technologies for a wide range of fine materials.

At the first stage of working with customer's material, laboratory tests are conducted in order to issue an opinion on the principle possibility of the material briquetting with the required parameters.

At the second stage, a customized briquetting technology for the required material is developed.

As a result of the technology development, our experts:
--- draft the process procedure and
--- design the optimal configuration for the roll press.


- Blend composition and sequence of mixing of charge components:
- Technological and power pressing modes:
- Optimal schemes for briquette hardening:
- Physical, mechanical and technological specifications of briquettes:
- Process flow chart for the production line units:
- Quantitative charge composition for briquette production:
- Requirements to control and adjustment of main process parameters:
- Conclusion on the required briquetting press assembly: